Are there any native tokens for Vanilla?

Yes! BUM is the only native token for Vanilla, used as the only currency in Vanilla.

Should I have NFTs to use Vanilla?

No! If you just want to earn BUM, then you can just stake ETH, USDT and get BUM. Or you can lock BUM and boost the earning amount of BUM.

Is it peer-to-peer lending?

No, it is compound-like lending without peer-to-peer matching. You just collateralize NFTs and borrow BUM!

What can I do with amplified NFTs?

You can boost the earning amount of BUM same as locking BUM, but the weight will not decrease in time. And also you can collateralize and borrow BUM.

How do you amplify NFTs?

We use Chainlink's VRF to get random numbers. And the amplified weight will be calculated with our random tables based on probabilities.

How do you calculate probabilities? Is it opened to the public?

Yes! You can check the probabilities and rewards in RandomTable.sol. It will automatically amplify your NFTs.

What is the difference of staking and locking?

You can stake ETH, USDT and get BUM. You can take back your staked ETH, USDT anytime. Your reward amount will be boosted based weight. You can lock BUM to get weights and based on weights, and also get all fees from Vanilla based on locked amount of BUM. If you lock BUM, you can set your unlock time and take back after the unlock time.

What is weight?

Weight is used for boosting. You can get weight by locking BUM or collateralizing amplified NFTs.

What is the difference of locking BUM and collateralizing amplified NFTs?

If you lock BUM, you can get all fees from Vanilla. Your weight will be calculated on locked amount of BUM and locked time. This weight will decrease on time. If you collateralize amplified NFTs, you can get same weight and it will not decrease on time. But the weight can be lower than locking VANILLAs.

How can I amplify NFTs?

You need your NFTs, Chainlink's LINK tokens and BUM. LINK is for using VRF, so we take no fees for it.

How can I borrow BUM?

You just stake your amplified NFTs and then borrow BUM! You can also boost by staking your amplified NFTs. You can borrow BUM based on the values of collateralized NFTs and the reserved VANILLAs.

Is there any liquidations?

Yes, if your borrowing BUM values are greater than collateralized NFT's values, your position will be 'unsafe', and anyone who has BUM can liquidate your position. Then liquidators can get your NFTs cheaper than the value, and you will lose your NFTs.

Are all parameters fixed?

No, this is just for Ethereum Rinkeby Testnet, all parameters will be changed (ex) distributing VANILLA amounts, interest rate factors, etc).

Is there only BUM money market for loan?

Currently yes. But after the price gets stable after some time, we are planning to make new markets in the near future.

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