You can collateralize ampilfied NFTs and borrow BUM

You can borrow BUM with your amplified NFTs. Not with peer-to-peer lending, somewhat compound-like. This means that you don't need to wait for matching borrowers or lenders, what you only need is your amplified NFTs.

There are some functions you can do:

  • Collateralize amplified NFTs

  • Un-collateralize amplified NFTs

  • Borrow BUM

  • Repay borrowed BUM

  • Liquidate position

All parameters to set borrow interest rates are in Interest Rate page. All other factors in Factors page.

Collateralize amplified NFTs

You just need to stake your amplified NFTs. You can always get back your NFTs if your position is safe. You will activate your NFT's weights to get boosted BUM, and there will be no supply interests.

Un-collateralize amplified NFTs

You will get back your collateralized NFTs. This will deactivate your NFT's weights, then your boosting BUM will decrease.

Borrow BUM

You can borrow and get BUM based on collateralized NFTs. There will be borrow interests per block and if your borrowing total values are greater than your collateralized NFT's total values, then your position will be changed to unsafe and anyone who has BUM can liquidate your position.

You can borrow any amounts if your position is safe after borrow. And if borrow liquidity is too little to borrow, then you may have no BUM to borrow. Then you may not borrow even if you are in safe position.

Repay borrowed BUM

To not be liquidated, you must repay your debts. You will pay BUM and your debt will decrease. You don't need to pay all debt, just as much as you want.

Liquidate position

Any accounts who are in unsafe position can be liquidated. If you liquidate a position, you will pay the position's debt and get the position's NFTs cheaper than your repaying amount.

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