You can lock BUM / amplified NFTs to get more BUM

Vanilla will distribute all fees by weight and locked BUM. The more you have any weights, the more you get more fees. To get any weights, there are 2 ways you can do.

  • Lock BUM with locking period

    • This will give you weights and weight will decrease over time.

  • Collateralize amplified NFTs

    • This will make your amplified NFT's weight active and weight will not decrease over time (always the same).

    • This will enable you to borrow BUM

But the weight is for boosting, that if you only collateralized NFTs then you will get no fees. So you must lock BUM if you want to get any fees.

Fee distribution

Fees will be distributed with locked BUM. The more you locked BUM, the more you get fees distributed. This will be boosted too, and all un-boosted amounts will go to borrow liquidity.

If you have no locked BUM but have any weights, then you will get no BUM. But if you have locked BUM but have no weight, then you will get BUM with un-boosted amounts.

Weight calculation

You can lock BUM as much as you want. But the period will be divided as a stage, and a stage means 1 week. You can lock until December 9th, 2040 approximately (from October 10th, 2021). When Vanilla starts, this maximum period will be fixed and you cannot lock more than this.

Your weight will decrease when stage passes. Total weight will decrease over time too, so your percentage of weight will be changed over time.

Then your weight will be calculated as below.

weight=lockedAmount(lockedStagepassedStage)+collateralizedNFTWeightsweight = lockedAmount * (lockedStage - passedStage) + collateralizedNFTWeights

ex) Alice locked 1000 BUM with period of 10 weeks. 3 weeks passed since then, and Alice has collateralized NFT 1 : 1000 weight, NFT 2 : 100 weight. Then Alice has weight of 1000(10-3)+1000+100=8100.

Boosting formula

Your boosted BUM will be calculated as below.

minReward=maxReward100000minReward = \dfrac{maxReward}{100000}

You can earn from minimum reward x1 to maximum x100000 boosting.

boostedReward=min(maxReward,10000accountWeightmaxRewardtotalWeight+minReward)boostedReward = \min( maxReward, \dfrac{10000*accountWeight * maxReward}{ totalWeight} + minReward)

So, if you have more than 0.01% of total weight, you will be rewarded with maximum boosted amount.

ex) Alice has weight of 100, total weight of 1000000 (0.01% of total weight). If maximum reward is 10000, minimum reward will be 1/10. Then boosted reward will be 10000*100*10000/1000000+1/10=10000+1/10. So Alice will be rewarded with maximum boosted amount of 10000.

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