1. TGE: It stands for "Token Generation Event." It typically refers to the initial distribution of tokens in a cryptocurrency project as of the time of listing on the centralized exchange.

  2. 0%: The "0%" indicates the initial amount of equity or tokens that are vested at the start of the vesting period. In this case, it suggests that no equity or tokens are initially vested at the TGE.

  3. 8-month cliff: The "8-month cliff" refers to a period of time during which no equity or tokens are vested. In this scenario, it means that for the first 8 months after the TGE, no equity or tokens will be vested.

  4. Linear vesting: "Linear vesting" is a type of vesting schedule where equity or tokens are vested gradually over time. In this case, it implies that the equity or tokens will vest in a linear manner after the 8-month cliff.

  5. 5 or 4-month: The "5 or 4-month" indicates the duration of the vesting schedule after the 8-month cliff. It suggests that the equity or tokens will be vested over a period of 5 or 4 months following the initial 8-month cliff.

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